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BioStrategy Partners foster collaboration through in-person events in the life sciences industry

19 Jun 2023 11:33 PM | Anonymous

BioStrategy Partners recently hosted two highly informative in-person events, exploring essential topics in the life sciences industry. The events attracted industry leaders, C-suite executives, business development leaders, academic researchers, consultants, tech transfer professionals, and graduate students to engage with expert panelists on dilutive funding  and finding lab space for your startup.

The dilutive funding event hosted at The Wistar Institute provided valuable insights into securing necessary investments for early-stage companies, highlighting best practices and resources available. The advantages and disadvantages of dilutive funding were explored, highlighting the trade-offs involved in accepting outside investment versus maintaining full control. Attendees gained valuable insights into identifying and approaching potential investors, perfecting pitches, as well as leveraging various resources, assets and funding models to lead your startup to success. Watch video here

Speakers (Left to Right): Kathie Jordan, Lorenzo Pellegrino, Rick Jones, Michele Washko.

The biotech laboratory event hosted at Thomas Jefferson University explored the diverse options for laboratory spaces, emphasizing essential considerations and discussing the unique features of traditional incubators, SmartLabs, and the Center for Diagnostic Discovery. Attendees explored the diverse options available, ranging from traditional laboratories to cutting-edge SmartLabs and the Center for Diagnostic Discovery. Key considerations when choosing a lab space were discussed, including infrastructure, equipment availability, flexibility, proximity to research hubs, and potential collaborations. The event highlighted the incentives offered to attract biotech tenants, such as specialized support services, shared resources, and networking opportunities. Watch Video Here

Speakers (Left to Right): Matt Gardner, Daisy Riquelme, Art Howe, Eric Rieders

By facilitating knowledge exchange and fostering connections among industry professionals, BioStrategy Partners continues to contribute to the growth and success of the life sciences biotech/startup community.

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