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Advancing translational life sciences research and academic technology transfer

About BioStrategy Partners

Our Mission 

BioStrategy Partners, Inc. (BioSP) is a 501c3 nonprofit consortium of academic medical centers and research institutes committed to the development and transfer of academic research into the marketplace.

BioSP develops and offers programs and services to foster industry-academic collaboration, aid technology development and commercialization, and contribute to the ongoing education of faculty and graduate students about the commercialization and technology transfer processes.

Together, BioSP’s members conduct 1.6B in annual research that generates more than 400 discoveries per year.  

Our Board of Directors

Academic Members:

Erika Swift, President
Penn State University

Stephen Nappi, President Emeritus
Temple University

Kenneth Kilgore, Treasurer

Todd Abrams, Vice President/Secretary
Temple University

Heather Rose, Director
Thomas Jefferson University

Heather Steinman, Director
The Wistar Institute

Zev Sunleaf, Director
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Tarun Maheshwari, Director
Duke National University of Singapore

Jane Dumsha, Director

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine


Bryan Tsao, Program Director (bryan.tsao@biostrategypartners.org) 

Contact Us


P.O. Box 83 Boiling Springs, PA 17007

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