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Since its founding in 1855, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has been recognized worldwide as a leader in pediatric patient care and groundbreaking research.

In 2016, CHOP engaged in over $360 million in research activity to advance healthcare for the youngest and most vulnerable patients.  Several major research streams are funded internally through our Frontier Program initiative, created to support programs that are advancing clinical care through breakthrough translational research. Frontier Program support is currently helping CHOP investigators develop exciting new treatment approaches in Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Lymphatic diso6rders and Cancer Immunotherapy. More Frontier Programs will be designated each year.

Licensing and startups from CHOP are bringing innovative technologies to market in many areas, including: gene therapy, oncology, teen driver safety, vaccines, rare and orphan diseases, patient privacy and medical device optimization.

The Office of Technology Transfer and the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation are dedicated to uniting the best minds in pediatric research with the most ingenious technology to create breakthroughs for children.

Explore more at: https://www.research.chop.edu/office-technology-transfer-commercialization-innovation

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Since its founding in 1855 as a land grant institution, Penn State University has been building a robust research enterprise for the purpose of driving positive societal change, technological implementation and economic development for the public good, anchored by annual research expenditures exceeding $800 million, with over $100 million awarded to the College of Medicine.  Penn State research is aimed at the pursuit of human health, environment quality and economic prosperity for current and future generations, utilizing existing expertise in precision health areas such as neurology, infectious disease, oncology, novel therapeutics, surgical technology, evolutionary biology, ecology, insecticide resistance and resistance in plant pathogens.

With a repository of over 400 groundbreaking medical discoveries, the Center for Medical Innovation, within the Penn State College of Medicine, mission is to foster greater collaboration between academia and industry, and engage our regional innovation ecosystem, to move medical innovations along the development path towards commercialization to positively impact economic development in our region and human health throughout the world.

Learn more at https://research.med.psu.edu/departments/medical-innovation

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With more than $257 million in annual research expenditures, Temple University is generating cutting-edge discoveries that are advancing through an active commercialization program designed to accelerate technology development and new startup formation, including the recently launched startup fund Temple Ventures—Powered by Ben Franklin.   Discoveries under development include phage technology to treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria, next-generation disinfectant technology, biomarkers for the early detection of traumatic brain injury, diagnostics for chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), and therapeutics for HIV, cancer, arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. 

Over 30 active startup companies serve as important vehicles to advance Temple discoveries, including new therapies for heart failure, mobile expert systems for autism and a clinically-validated solution for remotely managing patients with COPD. 

Temple stands ready to explore collaboration opportunities through the Office of Technology Commercialization and Business Development, an integrated hub for entrepreneurs and industry to discover their next partnership opportunity. 

Start by visiting www.temple.edu/research/otdc.

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Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson Health

Empathize, Ideate, Discover, Inspire, Design, Experiment, Iterate, Partner.

Jefferson is an innovation-ready organization.  Internally generated innovation thrives with interested faculty, community physicians, staff and students.  Strategic business partnerships are welcomed with a partner-friendly, low friction business approach.  New innovations are rapidly integrated into academic, clinical and operational programs.   We are reimagining health care, health education, and discovery to create unparalleled value for our students, patients, employees and the communities we serve. Contact us at:  innovation@jefferson.edu

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Wistar Science: Bold. Imaginative. Inspired.

Founded as an anatomical teaching museum in 1892, The Wistar Institute has been committed to the pursuit of original scientific knowledge from its early days. Continuing its rich history of discoveries and biomedical breakthroughs, Wistar today is an international leader in basic biomedical research in cancer and infectious diseases, with a focus on discoveries leading to the development of novel therapies and vaccines.

The Institute is committed to accelerating research advances from bench to bedside through brilliant science and distinctive approaches to collaboration among scientific investigators and academic and industry partners. Wistar’s single-minded focus is on making discoveries that will change the future of human health.

Learn more at https://wistar.org/research-discoveries/business-development

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Innovate, Educate, Mentor.

Innovative research activities on PCOM's campuses range from deciphering mechanisms of cell, tissue, and organ development, function and pathogenesis, to analyses of behavior, learning and psychopathology. The overall goal of our research is to develop and test novel approaches to diagnosing, treating and preventing dysfunction and disease. 

Learn more at https://www.pcom.edu/research

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Transforming medicine, improving lives.

Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School is the first US-style medical school in Singapore offering professional doctorate degrees in medicine such as, the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and the PhD in Integrated Biology and Medicine programmes.

Duke-NUS Medical School was established through a landmark collaboration between two world-class institutions: Duke University and the National University of Singapore (NUS), with the objective of providing innovative education and impactful research that enhance the practice of medicine in Singapore and beyond.

Learn more at https://www.duke-nus.edu.sg/cted

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